ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat)

We have a dedicated team of highly trained nursing and allied health professionals who support our ENT surgeon, ensuring you receive optimum care and treatment during your stay at Al Kindi Specialised Hospital.

ENT Department at Al Kindi Specialised Hospital offers advanced care for patients with nose and sinuses problems, i.e. nasal allergies, sinusitis (acute and chronic), fungal sinusitis, nasal polyps, chronic nasal obstruction in which you still cannot find the exact causes, tumors of nasal and sinus cavity and various types of nasal deformities.

We offer a full range of services specifically for the diagnosis and treatment of nose and sinus problems. Other ENT services include:

Management of Sinus & Nasal Allergy

Management of Acute & Chronic Sinusitis

Management of Deviated Septum, Turbinate & Hypertrophy Surgeries

Management of Nasal Polyposis

Management of Nasal Adenotonsillities

Management of Secretory Otitis Media

Management of Decreasing & Hearing

Management of Laryngeal Disorders & Hoarseness of Voice

Management of Dizziness & Tinnitus

Management of Ear Drum Perforation

ENT Department also provides the diagnosis and specific treatment for all allergic diseases, both for children and adults.

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