Treatment of all types of Cervical & Lumbar  Spine Disc Prolapsed Pain using the Latest Manual Therapy Techniques & Chiropractic in addition to Deep Laser Therapy & Bioresonance Therapy (Germany & USA)

Rehabilitation of all types of Joint Dysfuncton &  Osteoarthritis of the Shoulder & Knee joints using Shockwaves, Bio-Laser & Manual Therapy

Rehabilitation of Facial Palsy & Stroke Patients

Special Paediatric Treatment Methods for Children with Special Needs & Cerebral Palsy using Vojta Manual Technique & Katharina Schroth Breathing Exercise (Germany)

Treatment & Rehabilitation of Scoliosis in Children

Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation for all types of Sport Injuries using Tape Concept & Zenzio Tape

Women Health & after Birth Treatment & Rehabilitation done by Expert Female Physiotherapists



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