We have a full range of state-of-the-art equipment including X-Ray machines, Ultrasound equipment, Bone Mineral Densitometer, Mammography machine and C-Arm.

We are constantly working to improve and expand our facilities so that we can deliver outstanding imaging services which help to greatly speed up the time from diagnosis to treatment.

Run by a highly experienced team of professionals, Al-Kindi Specialised Hospital has 2 radiologists – one is most experienced in the country and the other is an extremely competent female Radiologist. Our team of female Radiographers liaises closely with our Radiologists to ensure that each examination is perfectly tailored to the patient’s and referrer’s specific requirements.

The department offers comprehensive range of Diagnostic Radiology studies listed as under.

All routine radiological procedures and ultrasounds, except emergencies are by prior appointment. The Radiography images are processed by Computerised Radiography system (CR).

All Physicians can also view the images as an when they are processed.

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